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BSA Troop 571 - Sammamish Washington

The Iron Scouts - Chief Seattle Council

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Alpine Adventure – Second Year Scouts

Alpine Adventure is designed for second year scouts and builds on the skills the boys developed on Tenderfoot Trail, as well as in their first full year of Boy Scouting. The Scouts take a more interactive approach to planning this event.They help plan hikes, select meals, and plan each event. The training and the event are more strenuous and challenge the scouts more physically and mentally.

The trip usually covers about 30 miles in five or six days and is accompanied by Assistant Scoutmasters and more experienced Boys Scouts. The Alpine Adventurers explore remote wilderness areas in either the Cascade or Olympic Mountain ranges and get to see and experience nature in ways usually out of reach to day trekkers and car campers.

When the Scouts complete the trip they earn the right to wear the Alpine Adventure Black Arrowhead patch.

Alpine Adventure was first organized in 2005, by Scoutmaster John Wyss, to help scouts expand on their high adventure experience and prepare them for national BSA events in upcoming years. At its conclusion, each boy will be rewarded with many great memories and the knowledge that he’s ready for virtually any sort of outdoor adventure.