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BSA Troop 571 - Sammamish Washington

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What is Family Friends of Scouting?

Family Friends of Scouting (FOS) is an annual, council-wide presentation conducted in every pack, troop, crew, team, or post between the months of November through March. The Family FOS Campaign asks parents and families to consider financially supporting the Scouting program in an effort to offset the cost of providing Scouting to their child.

Why is Family FOS important?

The true cost of Scouting is greater than the registration fee, greater than the dues that your pack, troop, crew, team or post may require, and even greater than the fee charged for camp. Registration fees and camping costs, for instance, are kept low so all youth can experience the fun and excitement of the Scouting program. Family support ensures that quality Scouting can happen by supporting the cost of camp upkeep and expansion, training of adult leaders, advancement record keeping, professional staff guidance and support, and more!

Should every family in my unit give to FOS?

Every family should be given the opportunity to experience an FOS presentation, learn more about the ways in which FOS benefits the program their child enjoys, and consider making a gift dependent on their giving ability. The true cost of support the council provides for each child is approximately $171.00 annually.

But I’m a leader and give my time, why should I support FOS, too?

As a leader, you’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to the Scouting program that you believe can make a positive impact on young people. Family FOS helps make the following resources possible: eight quality camping facilities, training for leaders, monthly roundtables, professional support and guidance, and two service centers with resources. When compared with the cost of many other programs that young people join, Scouting is relatively inexpensive. Your participation in the Family FOS program is critical for the continued success of Scouting.

What benefits does my unit receive?

Other than the benefits mentioned previously (low camping costs, quality camping facilities, etc.), your unit will receive free rank advancement, and merit badges (this does not include advancement cards) for one year if you reach your FOS base goal.

How do I donate?
There are many ways you can contribute to Frends of Scouting. Simply write a check and deliver that to the Troop Teasurer, Fill out a FOS committment card during the annual campaign, or make a donation using the Troop 571 Paypall Account and designate it for FOS. All gifts are appreciated.

Your Volunteer Time is Money
Numerous local companies recognize volunteer time through the donation of cash grants to non-profits in which their employees volunteer. This means that for each hour of your volunteer time, your employer may donate money to the Boy Scouts of America. Listed below are companies which participate in this type of program, with a link about their program:

Adobe - Volunteer Request Program
Alaska Airlines - Dollars for Doers
AT&T Wireless - AT&T Cares
Bank of America - Volunteer Grants Program
Boeing - Volunteer Hours Match
Citigroup - Volunteer Incentive Program
Home Street Bank - Community Partner Volunteer Grant
Honeywell - Dollars for Doers
Medtronic, Inc. - Volunteer Match Program
Microsoft - Employee Engagement Program
Motorola - Volunteer Grants Program
Nike - Employee Involvement
Qwest - Employee Matching Time
Travelers - Matching Funds Program
State Farm Insurance - Good Neighbor Grant Program

If you do not see your employer listed and they participate in this type of program, please notify us at or 206-725-5200. Check with your human resources department for more information about your employer's program.

Help more than 26,000 young men and women who participate in Scouting programs. FORWARD THIS MESSAGE to all Scouting volunteers and families in your district, pack or troop!

Microsoft Employees Can Increase Their Friends of Scouting Gift

If you are a Microsoft employee or you know a family or volunteer in your Unit that works at Microsoft please share this information with them.

Microsoft employees can have their Friends of Scouting gift to the Chief Seattle Council matched by Microsoft. Better yet, Microsoft employees that volunteer for Scouting can have their Volunteer time matched at $17 an hour!

Here is a fact sheet on Microsoft's Matching Gifts program and how to easly navigate Microsoft’s http://give/ intranet site 

The Chief Seattle Council recently announced an incentive for units that have Microsoft Employees taking advantage of their Volunteer Time Match gift. Here are the details!Microsoft Volunteer Hours Incentive