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Troop 571 Procedures for Scoutmaster Conferences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Scoutmaster Conferences (SMC) are an important part of the advancement process. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions please read the Scout Handbook or ask any ASM or the Scoutmaster.

  1. What is a Scoutmaster Conference?
    1. The Scoutmaster conference allows the Scoutmaster to review:

                                                              i.      the scout's growth in his understanding of Scouting's ideals;

                                                            ii.      how the Scout applies these ideals in his daily life and in the troop;

                                                          iii.      the requirements of the Scout's next rank so that he can be properly encouraged to continue to advance.

b.      The Scoutmaster conference is a forum for discussing topics such as ambitions and life purpose, goals for future achievement, and also for obtaining feedback on the unit's program.

c.       A Scout must participate or take part in one but the requirements do not say he must "pass" a conference.

d.      The conference is not a retest of the requirements upon which a Scout has already been signed off.

    1. Reference: Guide to Advancement -

  1. When should a scout request a Scoutmaster Conference?
    1. A scout is ready for a scoutmaster conference when they have completed all of the other requirements for the rank.

  2. What uniform should a Scout wear to a Scoutmaster Conference:
    1. Scouts should arrive with their full uniform. Details on uniform requirements can be found in Section 105 – Uniform and Equipment of our troop handbook at

  3. Who can perform SMCs?
    1. Per BSA policy, SMCs need to be performed by the Scoutmaster or a trained Assistant Scoutmaster designated by the Scoutmaster.

  4. What qualifies an ASM to perform SMCs at T571?
    1. Scout to 1st Class Ranks - Performing a successful SMC takes knowledge of related BSA policies and some experience.  In working with Scoutmasters in the past, looking at best practice, and looking at the experience we have in the ASM ranks we have identified three criteria that we believe will support our ASMs and Scouts have meaningful SMCs.

                                                               i.      The fully trained ASM is current on BSA YPT and MQP “Called to Protect” training.

                                                             ii.      The ASM has watched or shadowed a more experienced ASM conduct two SMCs.

                                                            iii.      The ASM has been supervised by a more experienced ASM on one SMC.

Once an ASM has met these criteria they can perform any SMC for Scout to 1st Class ranks. 

    1. Star and Life Ranks - Performing these ranks requires a higher level of understanding of the scouting program and Troop 571’s methods. As such an ASM can perform those SMC at the designation of the Scoutmaster.
    2. Eagle Scout Rank – This is a very important Scoutmaster Conference and is the most important one in their scouting journey. BSA has some additional requirements and polices for this SMC and it is important that this be done appropriately. Please contact the Scoutmaster directly to schedule these. 

  1. Who are the ASMs that can do SMCs today?
    ASMs that are authorized to perform Scoutmaster Conferences for different ranks are listed at the top of the page on the Sign Up Genius schedule page. 

  1. What is the new way of signing up for SMCs for scouts and ASMs?
    Getting scouts signed up for a SMC has always been a manual method. The scout talks to, or emails the SM. The SM either decides to do it himself, or decides to give it to an experienced ASM either verbally during the next troop meeting or through emails/calls. All these steps add work and always take longer than everyone wants.   It is time we utilized technology to help us. Moving forward we are going to coordinate SMCs the following way.
    1. Scouts are directed to our troop website and select the “Sign Up for a SMC” tab on the left. That will bring them to this screen: From there they will select the Sign Up Genius link and enter the Troop 571 password to see the SMC signup schedule.
    2. The scout will select a date and indicate the rank they are going for.
    3. ASMs can also log in and sign up for dates and slots that they are willing to do SMCs.
    4. This will trigger an email to our Advancement Chair, Jane Dulski, who will monitor to make sure we have both scouts and ASMs signed up.
    5. Both the scout and the ASM will automatically receive an email reminding them that they have signed up for a SMC 2 days prior.

  2. Recommended Training for ASMs Doing SCMs
    All ASMs (new and experienced) are strongly recommend to take a few minutes to review some BSA Scoutmaster Conference Training materials in the following links:
    1. BSA Scoutmaster Conference Training Material:
    2. Troop 571 SMC Training ppt:
    3. BSA SMC Training Film 1 (old but good):
    4. BSA SMC Training Film 2 (old but good):'s%20Conference.wmv

  3. How do I get access to the signup on my phone?
    1. To add the Sign Up Genius web app to your smart phone go to , log in, and either add it to your home screen (in iphones) or create a bookmark.