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Scout Shares FAQ


1.     What are Scout Shares?

Scout Shares is a Troop 571 mechanism that distributes money from various fundraising activities to pay for scouting related expenses. The term Scout Shares was an outcome of our annual Christmas tree pickup fundraising activity. Scouts get a “share” of the donations that people give to the troop for picking up their trees related to the hours they put into the whole process. 

2.     How are Scout Shares earned?

There is a number of ways to earn Scout Shares.


·         Christmas Tree Pickup Event

§  Flyer assembly hours

§  Flyer distribution hours

§  Tree pickup hours

·         Fourth of July MQP Parking Lot Event

§  Scouts can help direct cars and the hours they put in will count toward their share of the donation fees we get from the Knights of Columbus

·         Other events that the troop designates as qualifying for Scout Shares.  Note: In order to have any other fundraising event, we must fill out and get approved the appropriate form from Council (Form 34427)

3.     How do I determine my Scout Share balance?

The troop treasurer is responsible for tracking all Scout Share information. If a scout wants to know their current balance they can email the treasurer requesting their balance.  The treasurer usually sends out a summary of balances in February after all the accounting is done for the Christmas tree pickup and again before registration starts for summer activities.

4.     What can I use my Scout Shares for?

The Troop Committee is responsible for deciding what types of expenses qualify for Scout Shares. The list of approved expenses that qualify for Scout Shares are:

·         Summer Camp Fees

·         Troop High Adventure Fees (Tenderfoot Trail, Alpine Adventure, Cascade Challenge)

·         National High Adventure Fees

·         Troop Outing Fees

·         Annual Troop Re-charter Fees

·         Eagle Project Expenses

·         Eagle COH Expenses

·         Any Scout Merchandise  

·         Any Scout Shop Expense

5.    What can’t I do with Scout Shares?

A scout will not be given cash for their Scout Shares. Scout Shares are only to be used for Troop approved Scouting expenses. 

6.    How do I use them?

·         For summer camp, outings and high adventure events -Tell the Adult Outing Advisor that you want to use your Scout Shares to pay for the fees. The Adult Outing Advisor will work with the treasurer to pay for the fees using the scouts Scout Shares.

·         For re-charter fees – If a scout wants to use their scout shares for their annual re-charter, they can email the treasurer at the time of re-chartering.

·         For appropriate reimbursable expenses – If a Scout wants to use their Scout Shares for an eagle project, eagle COH, or any Scout Shop expense then they need to submit a copy of the expense receipt (via hard copy or scanned image) to the treasurer and the Troop will then write a check to the Scout’s parents.


7.     Can scouts transfer their balance to another sibling in the troop?

Yes a scout can transfer any balances to another scout in the same family.

8.     What happens to my Scout Shares if I move away and join another troop?

A scout can make a request to the treasurer explaining that they are moving and would like to transfer their Scout Shares to another troop. They will need to provide the contact details of their new Scoutmaster. The treasurer will contact the new Scoutmaster and explain Troop 571 Scout Share program and what expenses are authorized. The treasurer will then write a check made out to the new troop and the new troop will allocate the funds for the scout. Please remember that other troops may not have a similar program.

9.     What happens to any outstanding balance after a scout finished their scouting experience.

Every year scouts leave the troop and the scouting program. This may be because they age out, or they are no longer active.  If a scout still has funds in their Scout Shares and is no longer in the scouting program then the troop transfers any remaining balance to the Troop 571 Charity Fund. This fund has been set up to provide scholarships to scouts who have financial needs plus fund special charity gifts. It is the responsibility of the scout to use up all of their Scout Shares to pay for scouting expenses prior to leaving the troop.